I am absolutely certain that millions of people have been affected by this particular pandemic. There have been millions of cases of the virus so far. Countries like India are facing really tough times, because of their second wave. Casinos have also shut down in a lot of countries. In countries like the United States of America, the casinos are running at half capacity, because they should not run at full capacity. Casinos that run at full capacity are hotbeds of social activities.

In this guide, I am going to talk about why casinos should wait to re-open all across the world.

As I mentioned above, the casinos actually seem to be hotspots of Covid transmission, because there is a lot of touching of money and chips involved. For example, when you walk into a casino, you are going to be handing in a couple of notes which you have touched, to a person in the kiosk. This particular stranger is going to be accepting this money from you and is going to be giving you some chips which you are going to be touching. This particular transaction could be a method of transmission of Covid.

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Like the transaction that I mentioned above, there could be 1 million transactions that could happen between hundreds of people inside the casino. For example, when you sit at a gambling table, you are going to be interacting with the dealer. The dealer is in a dangerous situation, because he is going to be touching things that 100 other people touched, in a single day. Even if the dealer is wearing gloves, it still puts him at a considerable risk.

Another problem is that people keep touching their face. Even though people are wearing face shields, a lot of them fit their hand inside the shield and scratch their face. This is a very well-known method of transmission of the virus.

You should also know that games like slot machines, poker, blackjack, roulette and more are all games that promote physical activity and physical touch. That is why it is very problematic to open and run a proper casino. Another thing that a lot of casinos are doing is they are doing frequent temperature checks, and they are also implementing a lot of sanitisation protocols. This helps to an extent. But, because of how humans are, they will obviously find a couple of loopholes, and they will obviously break the rules.

Finally, I definitely feel that casinos should wait a couple of months to open completely, especially in places like Macau, London, Las Vegas, Atlantic City, Monaco, France, Singapore and more. I specify these particular places because they happen to be hotspots of gambling activities and tourism.

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